Hinckley Choral Union

Reg Charity No 1154110

Live music in Hinckley

St Mary's Arts (Smarts) Lunchtime concerts start at 1.00pm on Wednesdays during the season. The programme for 2020 is:

Wed 1 April: Russell Thompson (piano) - Beethoven 's Moonlight Sonata, Brahms' Intermezzo in A major and Chopin's Rondo in E flat major
Wed 6 May: Peletsis-Dardykina (piano duo) - Music from Russia, Norway and Canada with two and four hands.

Please note that the above two concerts have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Assuming that circumstances allow our Autum season will commence on Wednesday 9th September with a concert by Peter Harris, St Mary's organist and Musical Director.

On Thursday 12 December through to Saturday 14 December, Eric Darlington and the John Cleveland Band perform at the Concordia Theatre at 7.30pm .

Hinckley Music Club has a number of interesting artists appearing over the next few months. You can get further details on upcoming concerts by clicking HERE

There is another arts society at work in the area. It is a local meeting of the national Arts Society and their programmes of all things relating to artistic expression. They are an enthusiastic and active group interested in all aspects of the arts. Visit www.sparkenhoearts.co.uk to find out about a wide range of subjects from fine art and sculpture to gardens and architecture; the Terracotta Army and the Aztecs to Canaletto and Vivaldi; silver and jewellery to heraldry and furniture. No previous knowledge is necessary! And although many of our members are artists in their own right, Sparkenhoe Arts Society does not itself teach basket weaving or painting! All you need is an interest in finding out more about the world around you.